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Lectures: 'Pevsner' 

Pevsner liked to describe himself as a GP in the art historical field. He covered an extraordinarily wide field, which makes it possible to offer talks ranging beyond his one-man odyssey round the buildings of England to his definition of Englishness in art, his so-called feud with John Betjeman, his love-hate relationship with modern architecture, his views on religion and how they coloured his assessments of church architecture, his career as a Penguin pioneer, and his life-long campaign to save the buildings he considered the essence of the Victorian spirit.

Many thanks to Gerald Nason for the use of his drawing 'With Pevsner in England', first published in the Architectural Review in October 1984.

 I must also thank Rex Harris very much for the use of his photograph of the pulpit rail in St Helen's, Sefton on this page, the detail on the home page of Sir William Drake's tomb in St Mary's, Amersham, and for a great many other images in my lectures. You can find his photographs on his flickr account.

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