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Man and Animals in Art
Are animals  our friends, foes or alter egos? From the animal-headed Egyptian gods to the sinister hybrids of BritArt by way of Botticelli's centaur, Stubbs' race-horses, Goya's bullfights, Turner's whales, Seurat's circus and Hockney's cat Percy, this talk looks at what artists, in portraying animals, have been trying to tell us about ourselves.

I am an accredited lecturer for NADFAS. I have also spoken at the Cheltenham and Bridport literary festivals, and at the British Museum, the V&A, the Imperial War Museum, the Victorian Society, the 20th Century Society, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Migration Museum, the Council for At-Risk Academics, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution, Persephone Bookshop, Suffolk Book League and a range of Art Fund and National Trust groups.

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