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Sheathing the Sword - reviews

'A valuable piece of investigative journalism....Sheathing the Sword  makes assiduous use of published occupation memoirs and archival material in Britain and the United States. It is excellently written, with an admirable mix of dramatic pathos and cold reflection. It is also a worthy attempt to give the occupation era meaning by relating it to a critical historical and contemporary issue: the state of militarism in post-war Japan.'

Thomas W. Burkman, Journal of Asian Studies


'Who are Meirion and Susie Harries and where do they get off writing this extremely important book of the American Occupation of Japan. It is arguably the definitive work... painstakingly accurate and thoroughly annotated, yet more fascinating in the telling than most historical fiction.... an outstanding piece of investigative reporting, the very best of journalism....Just about everything of significance in the Occupation is covered, by recounting and by analysis, especially the latter. The best anecdotes are presented, but meaningfully.' 

Holloway Brown, Japan Times


'A mostly historical book which fairly and vividly describes the rise of militarism in Japan, the Occupation and its systems and personalities, the war trials and their aftermath. The material is intensely interesting, informative and colourfully presented, and the insight into balanced and impressive.'

George Bull, The Tablet

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