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Pevsner perambulating

BERWICK ON TWEED.  Berwick  is one of the most exciting towns in England, a real town with the strongest sense of enclosure, a town of red roofs on grey houses with hardly any irritating buildings anywhere, and a town of the most intricate changes of levels....A walk through Berwick ought to start by the Town Hall. It faces up Marygate .…The principal walk turns off Marygate down WEST STREET. The steep descent of West Street marks the change from the high town level of the Town Hall and the new bridge to the lower level of the old bridge .… It is enjoyable to dive down Palace Street to Palace Green … right into the lowest level. PALACE GREEN is a delicious oasis of old dark trees surrounded by buildings of dignity. On the E side the former GOVERNOR’S HOUSE, characteristically early C18 .…

No. 9 on the S side has a coloured bust of Wellington over the doorway. On into PALACE STREET EAST which … forms the Georgian Mayfair of Berwick .… In RAVENSDOWNE nearly all houses are worth a glance. The stepped skyline of the street rising gently to the upper or Town Hall level is very pretty.”

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