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The Last Days of Innocence - reviews

''A neatly plaited narrative…rich in detail. A splendid history.'

Washington Times


'An excellent study of US participation in World War I. The research is in far greater depth than the usual "popular history," the analysis is sharp and informative, and the writing is clear and a pleasure to read. The authors strike an even balance between the necessity for condensation and the accuracy that comes from detailed treatment... The military operations of the American Expeditionary Force are particularly well done, and the reader can hardly find a more succinct and telling summation of the effect of the war on American thought and culture. This book is strongly recommended for the general reader and the student who wants entertaining reading and a better understanding of these pivotal years.'

R. D. Ward, American Library Association


'Well-crafted in every way…a vivid and authoritative history.'

Cleveland Plain Dealer

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