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Excerpts from the Heftchen

‘February 14, 1918. P goes to the Gewandhaus; he dresses up rather more à la bohème …. He brings his score, takes his seat …. He waits for the beginning of Leonora III, hears the first notes, glances for a moment to his left and, while the music swells, catches sight of a shadowed brow with a lock of dark hair falling over it. A violent shock runs through him – Lola ! Lola!’


1921    ‘Pathetic – P lacks a feeling for space and, with that, all sense of the distinctive characteristics of buildings. I can hardly believe this is something that can be learnt. What is more, he has a very under-developed memory for form and colour – can’t  remember a thing, so he is always quite incapable of drawing comparisons .’


1969     ‘It is time for the Buildings of England to come to an end. I am more and more frightened of county after county. Restless for days before. If all goes well, another 13 months should do it .... But will they be available? I think more often of death, of the few years remaining. 20 years back seems little, and there is no 20 years forward.’

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