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The bibliography has been compiled from a range of  sources, primarily:

  • Pevsner’s papers in the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles, which include photocopies of many of his early German writings;

  • the Architectural Review;

  • the Times Literary Supplement, whose archive is now online and    identifies all the reviewers who, until the 1970s, were anonymous;

  • the Pevsner files in the BBC Written Archives at Caversham, Reading;

  • the Select Bibliography prepared by John Barr for the American  Association of Architectural Bibliographers (Papers, Vol.7, Virginia   UP, Charlottesville, 1970.)


The list is as complete as I can make it. Given the scale and range of

his output, there will certainly  be things that I have missed. I should

be grateful for all additions and corrections.


The bibliography is provided in two formats:

    PDF, for easy printing;

    Word , for making corrections and additions

Please make insertions with ‘Track Changes’, so that they are

obvious and I can update the PDF version.


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